Fraudulent Spiritualism Unveiled[1]

[1] As to whether communication with the departed is possible, no

discussion is here attempted. The episodes following, from

experiences well authenticated, merely illustrate what sleight-of-

hand experts have long known--that most "mediums," "astrologers,"

"mind readers," and the like, can be proven to be frauds. Their

dupes are puzzled, and sometimes won over, in the name of

Spiritualism, either by the tricks familiar to all "conjurers," or

else by the psychology of deception (see page 280). Some of the

cleverness displayed is marvelous, as the following pages show.

The passages by Hereward Carrington are copyrighted by Herbert B.

Turner & Co., 1907, and those by David P. Abbott are copyrighted by

the Open Court Publishing Company, 1907--EDITOR.