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Deception Explained By The Science Of Psychology
Facing The Arab's Pistol
Fact And Fable In Psychology
Fraudulent Spiritualism Unveiled[1]
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Matter Through Matter

There is one very clever "test" that is sometimes performed which
would seem to show that something of this sort IS accomplished. It
is, however, nothing more than an ingenious trick, and this might
be a good time to explain its modus operandi. The general effect
of the illusion is this: The medium requests some one to assist him
in an experiment in which he is going to attempt to pass "matter
through matter." As the test is one in which a confederate might
easily be employed, he is very careful to choose some person who is
well known, or whose character is above all suspicion. If this
were not so, the entire effect of the test would be lost upon the
investigators. Having secured his assistant, he hands him, for
examination, a solid steel ring, just large enough to slip on and
off the hand and arm easily. The ring is perfectly solid, and may
be examined by anyone desirous of doing so. When this part of the
performance is finished, the medium and his sitter then join or
clasp their right hands (as in handshaking), and the sitter is
instructed not to release the hand for a single instant. To "make
assurance doubly sure," however, the hands are fastened together in
any way the sitters may desire; the hands being tied together with
tape, e. g., and the ends of this tape tied and the knots sealed.
The tape connects the wrists and the hands of the medium and his
sitter, and this tying may be made as secure as possible. A piece
of thick cloth is now thrown over the two hands and the lower part
of the arms, concealing them from view. With his disengaged hand
the medium now takes the iron ring and passes it up under the
cloth, so as to bring it in contact with his own arm. He holds it
there for some time, but ultimately snatches off the covering
cloth, and reveals to the eyes of the astonished audience the ring-
-now encircling his own arm--in spite of the fact that the ties are
still in statu quo, and the sitter never let go his hold for an
instant. The ties and the ring may again be examined, if desired,
before the hands are separated.

This is an exceedingly effective test, and has every appearance of
being genuine--indeed, it is hard to see where trickery can come
in. The trick is one of the simplest imaginable, however, and is
performed in the following manner:

The medium has provided himself with TWO rings exactly alike; one
of these the audience is free to examine, the other the medium is
wearing on his right arm, under his coat. When the two hands are
clasped together, therefore, it is a simple thing for the medium,
under cover of the enveloping cloth, to slip the duplicate ring
down his sleeve, and on to his own hand, and that part of the
"miracle" is accomplished! It remains only to explain what becomes
of the first ring. The cloth thrown over the arms is very thick
and stiff, as stated, and the inner side of this contains a double
partition, or sort of bag, into which the medium slips the
duplicate ring. The cloth may now be shown on both sides, without
disclosing the ring, and the medium makes away with it as soon as
possible, in order to avoid detection.

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